The look of textile,  
the functionality of vinyl 

New vinyl upholstery 

The soft and pleasant look of textile combined with the functional properties of vinyl upholstery. That is what Arrow, Creek and Leone Plus also offer. Three qualities in an extensive and surprising colour series.

Arrow: young, modern and casual feel 

Arrow is a newcomer with a young, modern and casual feel. A clear refined textile look. Supplied in 23 fresh, contemporary colours including aqua green, rust and stone.

Creek: linen look 

Creek (22 colours) has a fine woven structure and reminds us of linen fabric. The layers and multicolour optical illusion guarantee a soft look. Particularly friendly, hospitable and inviting, but, at the same time, functional and resistant to premature wear or vandalism. The series consists of soft neutral tints and colour tones.

Leone Plus: luxurious leather grain 

The well-known leather grain Leone Plus is from a completely new colour series. The 26 full colours both in matt and gloss are beautiful leather colours. Beiges and greens and various grey and earthy hues. Leone Plus is very supple and has a luxurious look.

optically and technically of a high quality 

The new qualities provide a powerful addition to the Vescom collection. Optically and technically of a high quality and can therefore be widely used in the contract market.

advantages of vinyl upholstery 

Vescom vinyl upholstery is composed of a vinyl top layer with a cotton backing. Its weight of 800 g/m2 guarantees a very robust product with a long service life. The products are fire-retardant, wear-resistant (Martindale > 125,000 rubs), rubfast (5), lightfast (7-8) and IMO certified. Moreover, highly resistant to urine, blood and perspiration stains.


Vescom vinyl upholstery is hygienic and has built-in resistance to bacteria. Vescom vinyl upholstery is dirt and grease resistant and meets the strictest hygiene safety regulations.


Moreover, it is smoothly applied, maintenance friendly and can be easily cleaned using the Vescom cleaner.

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