Vescom Protect 

Wallcovering that can withstand intense cleaning and disinfecting without losing its beauty 

With the likes of hotels, offices and hospitals now on a constant cleaning schedule, how can surfaces stand up to the drastically increased use of cleaning and disinfection agents and methods? Although our spaces must be clean and hygienic, they should also still satisfy our human desire for comfort and support our wellbeing. In the end, we will continue to seek out interiors that celebrate tactility and colour.


Vescom Protect offers the complete package: vinyl wallcovering that stands up to the most aggressive cleaning and disinfecting products and procedures yet proves that ‘sterile’ doesn’t have to mean ‘clinical’.

Vescom Protect is wallcovering that can withstand intense cleaning and disinfecting without losing its beauty. There’s no visible difference between Vescom Protect and Vescom’s other vinyl wallcovering – the added protection comes from a layer of transparent film. This protective film acts as a barrier: not only does it prevent dirt from migrating into the wallcovering, but it forms a surface onto which dirt cannot even adhere. Vescom Protect is therefore a highly stain-resistant product. These features, together with its easy-to-clean properties, make Vescom Protect ideal for environments where the highest degree of hygiene is crucial.

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