Vescom showroom, Madrid - Spain 

Products: wallcovering, upholstery & curtain designs | Interior architect: Bas van Tol

Vescom is opening a new showroom this month in the elegant Chamberi neighbourhood of Madrid. The showroom acts as an inspiring work and meeting place for architects and interior designers.


The office building in which the showroom will be housed was designed by architect Juan Manuel Ruiz de la Prada Sanchiz in 1963 and served as an apartment complex at that time. De la Prada Sanchiz was known for his residential architecture. His work is characterised by the horizontal use of texture and close attention to details.

Vescom selected interior architect Bas van Tol for the design and realisation of the showroom. The modernistic design of the building has been beautifully translated into the character of the showroom by Van Tol. Van Tol indicates: 'Completely in the tradition of the work of Juan Manuel Ruiz de la Prada Sanchiz, we have combined the functional aspect with the simple and horizontal, monumental style in the modernistic tradition: with the 'touch' of the now of course.' The style mainly returns in the dark wooden coffered ceiling and the oak floor. The colour look and feel in the showroom is warm, fresh and contemporary; a rich feeling of luxury and hospitality is present everywhere.

combination of materials and products

The showroom is an inspiring place for architects and interior designers from around the world. Christiane Müller, design director of Vescom explains: 'A rich diversity of materials have been used that are perfectly shown in this space. Visitors are surrounded by beautiful combinations of wallcovering, curtain fabrics and upholstery. Colour, structure, material use and a play of lines within the interior is fully aligned with each other. The products used combine perfectly with other materials of the architecture (such as glass, brick and wood), which results in a warm, comfortable and extremely pleasant working environment.'

structure, colour and mood

Vescom is expert when it comes to structure. Products such as Hauki, Boyd, Aikin, and Shannon that are known for their 3D effect are beautifully presented on walls next to neutral basics and rich textile wallcovering. The impressive print of an extract of the painting by Martínez del Mazo, Infanta Margarita Teresa, is a real eye-catcher. Christiane Müller: 'Textile and materials come together in all their glorious details in a stylish mood in the image. This fits in completely with the products used in the interior of the showroom.'

translucent, acoustic curtain fabrics

One side of the showroom is upholstered with floor-to-ceiling, transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics in different colours; Formoza and Marmara. A recent Vescom innovation. The fabrics are translucent and improve the acoustics and ease of communication in a room.

contract-suitable upholstery fabrics

Comfortable upholstery fabrics have been selected for the work rooms; functional and contract-suitable fabrics with a warm look. The furniture presents the large diversity in the Vescom range of high-quality upholstery fabrics with regard to design, structure and raw materials used in the fibre.

local presence

From Europe to the Middle East, from Asia to Latin America and the United States of America: Vescom is present at the local market. This allows the company to be geographically close to the architects and interior designer community, offering an unrivalled level of service. Service is the cornerstone of Vescom’s philosophy and the company highlights this even more with the opening of the showroom in Madrid – immediacy of service in a beautiful yet practical environment.

visit showroom Madrid 

Vescom invites architects and interior designers to come and visit the new showroom: you are all very welcome!


Vescom showroom Madrid

Calle Zurbano, 73

escalera interior 2º izda

28010 Madrid

+34 915 67 03 83

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