Vescom showroom, Warsaw - Poland 

Modern and functional showroom 

Located in the heart of Warsaw, this showroom is a perfect place to get inspired. The interior is modern, functional and shows how our high quality wallcovering, upholstery and curtain designs can be applied. With direct access to product samples, the showroom is also an ideal workplace!

Vescom showroom, Warsaw - Poland


Wallcovering designs: Meteor, Valencia, Allen, Bolter, Albert, CC, Rainy, Clark, Saray, Sazan, Bolsena, Magritte

Upholstery designs: Balta, Yirma, Ariana, Biliard Cloth, Antigua, Dodan, Malta , Little dot, Cress, Namal, Gamut, Loop to loop

Curtain designs: Marmara, Formoza, Nora

applied designs