Saunter into a Renaissance-infused Ambience 

Vescom – Milan Design Week 2017 

Wallcovering and textile brand Vescom rolls out the red carpet for creative professionals and curiosity seekers to experience its Brera showroom during Milan Design Week 2017. An ode to human beauty and the power of nature, Sandro Botticelli’s Renaissance painting The Birth of Venus is expressed as the focal element within a spatial journey conceived by Christiane Müller, Vescom’s Design Director.

A visitor drifts between diverse ambiences which traverse three spheres: hospitality, well-being and work. Unexpected combinations of textured or colourful materials and surfaces compose a contemporary setting. The palette of wallcovering and textiles stimulates a visitor’s sense of tactility and imagination to visualise the unlimited range of applications which can be achieved by Vescom’s collection throughout the interior realm, especially in the international commercial market.


hospitality: materiality for comfort and luxury

Hospitality environments assume an important role as a temporary home away from home to their transient guests. Sensual and luxurious interiors whisk guests away into a tranquil state. Tactile fabrics and surfaces are integral to setting a cosy scene. Sundry materials in metallic hues and textural finishes instil a sense of identity to the fleeting spaces, engulfing guests for an exclusive escape.

nature-inspired well-being: healing through the touch of materials

The healing effects of the natural environment can be forged through a physical connection with its purest elements. Air, water, fire and earth are the basis for Vescom’s palette of materials, which express unity through their organic tones and textures. Each combination fosters a sense of harmony and relaxation as well as stimulates therapeutic effects. Raw elements offer an aesthetic which appeals to our native instincts, an essential characteristic for healthful and nourishing spaces which celebrate the body.


omnipresent office: workplace revival through flexible comfort

While an employee’s working mindset still maintains ‘work hard, play hard’, the modern day approach to environments were the working is done has drastically shifted. Dreary landscape of cubicles are left in the dust as employees prefer continuous contact with the comforts of home, even at the office. A blast of playfulness erases the dullness which characterises offices of the past. Vibrant hues and tactile surfaces as well as the movement of people and things speckle a neutral workplace like a painter’s canvas.


Vescom answers today’s needs with a material collection which generates positivity and becomes a breeding ground for creativity among staff. Spaces encourage freedom of movement between various spaces and their atmospheres to obey the individual’s preferences and needs of the moment – whether its solitary focus or group collaboration. This flexibility emerges through materiality to formulate the office of tomorrow.