Six new and versatile  
upholstery fabrics 

Even more choice and combination possibilities 

The Vescom upholstery fabrics collection is again being expanded. This time with three recolours for the classics Zanzibar, Ariana and Lani plus three newcomers: Eliot, Burton and Noss. Products that stand out aesthetically in structure, look and feel; while providing ease of use through exception colour, diversity and material content. Stylish and hard wearing. The six fabrics produced in Vescom’s own weaving mill offer choices in chenille, bouclé, wool, velvet, unpatterned designs and blends. What makes these fabrics special is that they can be perfectly combined within one project to add that special dimension to a room.

new colour series for Zanzibar and Ariana 

Vescom has been the expert in weaving mohair velvet fabrics for decades. Zanzibar and Ariana are the tangible proof of this. Luxurious, high quality and natural. Soft, pleasant, comfortable, chic and very durable. Zanzibar is well-known for its matt look and can therefore be used in many locations, meeting all demands. The completely new colour pallet includes pastel colours ranging from soft neutrals to colour accents such as spiced honey, cinnamon, petrol and burgundy red.


Ariana is world renowned due its glossy look and feel. The updated colour pallet includes 35 colours ranging from chic pastel and powder hues to accents such as rust, petrol, emerald green, mauve, violet and pink. Both fabrics are durable, strong, with a high abrasion resistance and come into their own in a theatre or hospitality environment because of their acoustic values.

Lani: completely new colour collection 

Classic Lani is now available in a completely new colour collection. This upholstery fabric is a woven wool felt with a clear woven look and a very high abrasion resistance: 250,000 rubs (Martindale). Lani is an unpatterned fabric when compared to Vescom’s wool blends Lamu and Wolin. The colour pallet has been updated with 56 soft and comfortable colours that are perfect for office and hospitality environments.

Eliot, Burton and Noss: very strong and easy to apply 

Newcomers Eliot, Burton and Noss can be easily combined together and are easily upholstered. The fabrics are very strong, extremely abrasion resistant, 100% flame retardant and easy to use. The fabrics also offer excellent soil hiding characteristics combining practicality with beauty.

Eliot is a bouclé with a modern graphic look and a crisp feel. Eliot looks sporty and robust and office environments and modern hotel interiors are the perfect setting for it. The fabric is available in 18 colours with powerful accents such as bright blue, yellow, copper orange and coral red. Burton, which harmonises with Eliot is an overall blended bouclé and is available in 23 full colours such as coral red and fresh yellow. The two fabrics work perfectly together and on their own, increasing flexibility with a stylish twist.

Noss: chenille with a soft touch 

Noss is a chenille with a soft touch that is still very strong despite its softness. This fabric is ideal for high end residential and the hospitality market where performance and beauty are essential requirements. The collection offers 24 colours including, in particular, greyed colours and powder-like pastels.

considerable programme 

Zanzibar, Burton and Noss are being added to the upholstery 01 binder. Lani, Eliot and Ariana are being added to the upholstery 02 binder. Vescom's current range extends to wallcoverings, upholstery fabrics and curtain fabrics for the contract market.

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