black out and dim out curtain fabrics 

dimming, attractive and railroaded 

In the contract market there is a growing demand for rich, attractive fabrics. The functional importance of curtain fabrics is also increasingly being acknowledged. We cater for this by further expanding our range of functional curtain fabrics with new black out and dim out options. These floor-to-ceiling fabrics are perfect to ensure you can block light from rooms.

Our black out and dim out curtain fabrics meet the highest requirements with regard to fire resistance, applicability, colour and light fastness, durability and wear resistance. In addition, the fabrics are economically priced.

the advantages 

light blocking 

The black out fabrics block 100% of light. Allowing a room to be completely blacked out with their use. Our dim out fabrics will black out a room by 99%.

tranquil and uniform outside view 

Five black out and dim out fabrics have a light reverse side. On the one hand, to create a tranquil view of the external wall and, on the other hand, to keep heat out as much as possible. The fabrics also have light-reflecting qualities.

different look and feel 

The collection offers a range in bright and slightly glossy unpatterned fabrics, designs with a silk, tweed or linen look, and a multi-tone grid or a herringbone design. The large selection of colours has been carefully aligned with the different designs.

washable at 70 degrees 

The Rani, Koro, Elba, Moroni and Sotra designs can be washed at 70 degrees and therefore extremely easy to care for and clean.


All curtain fabrics are available as railroaded fabrics and therefore they can be made without seams.

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fire-retarding and safe 

The fabrics are fire retardant and suitable for the contract market because 100% fire-retardant yarns have been used. The dim out curtain fabrics meet the most stringent European standards for public buildings. In addition, the black out Moroni curtain fabric has attained the M1 standard.

black out curtain fabrics 


Sotra is a traditional curtain fabric with a silk look. In full and rich colours, such as burgundy and navy.


24 colours


Moroni has a stylish cotton look. Available in a new series of 21 fresh and bright unpatterned fabrics. This black out curtain fabric meets the M1 standard.


29 colours


Elba has a textile structure. This design is multi-tone, gridded and refined and offers a choice of 20 pastel and cotton-like colours.


20 colours


Iseo has a luxurious look because of its natural and fine structure. The ultimate combination of beauty and function. Iseo has modern and fresh tone-on-tone colours with a few linen-type tints and natural colours.


18 colours

dim out curtain fabrics 


Bedra, a bestseller of the collection for many years, is a chic unpatterned curtain fabric with a slight gloss. The colour series is new and extensive. In addition to light and dark colours, now more neutral colours and nuances in colour are available.


33 colours


Rani has a visible woven texture with a dry linen look and a favourable colour palette.


22 colours


The Koro herringbone design is inspired in men's suits and comes in grey tints, neutral colours and earthy hues. The look and colour give the fabric its very own robust identity.


12 colours


The successful Tavira curtain fabric has been part of the Vescom collection from the very start. This dim out curtain fabric has a tweed-like look and a soft colour palette with neutral colours and red and blue tints.


16 colours