Vescom cleaner: universal cleaning solution for vinyl wallcovering and upholstery


Areas in which vinyl wallcovering is used are frequently subject to intensive use.

As with all interior products, a wallcovering should be rinsed on a regular basis.


A solution is possible for every kind of contamination. A product is also available for every kind of contamination. But do these help? When it comes to cleaning frequent daily contamination to your vinyl wallcovering, Vescom has the ultimate solution. Vescom cleaner, the universal cleaner to quickly and easily clean your vinyl wallcovering. A powerful concentrated cleaning solution. Simple, quick and efficient to use. Suitable for both daily and periodic cleaning of walls. Guaranteed results!


Vescom cleaner

- Mild universal cleaning solution

- Suitable for both daily and periodic use

- Cleans quickly and effectively

- Can be used in diluted and undiluted form

- Mixed and packaged with the environment in


- Free from ammonia and phosphates

- Easy to use

- Neutral odour

- Non-perishable


Vescom cleaner is available in 5 litre units.

Vescom cleaner is also suitable for cleaning Vescom vinyl upholstery fabrics.



Concentrated cleaner for vinyl wallcovering and vinyl upholstery.


- Clear liquid with a neutral odour.

- Can be used in concentrated format and diluted

with water.

- Suitable for regular and daily care.

- Environmentally-friendly composition: free from

ammonia and phosphates.


instructions for use

For normal cleaning:

Add 500 ml of Vescom cleaner to 5 litres of lukewarm water. Apply the diluted solution to the surface being cleaned using a clean sponge. Dray after application using a cloth that is highly moisture absorbent. The Vescom cleaner solution can also be sprayed directly on to the surface to be cleaned.


For cleaning heavily-contaminated surfaces:

Apply undiluted Vescom cleaner to a cloth or sponge and use this to clean the surface. We recommend that the surface is cleaned appropriately after application using a sponge or cloth that has been wrung out correctly and that is highly moisture absorbent to ensure that traces of residue are not left behind. Rinse the sponge or cloth regularly in clean water.



Keep in a frost-free room.

Should it freeze, allow it to defrost until it is again a homogenous product.



A safety information sheet can be sent upon request.