Hotel Nassau, Breda - Holland 

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Storytelling with wallcovering in the Nassau Hotel, Breda 

Following large-scale renovation, the Nassau Hotel became a modern hotspot with a clear nod to its Catholic past. Vescom provided the wallcovering in the hotel rooms and common areas.

redevelopment of various national monuments

Interior designer Wim Hoopman: "The authentic hotel in the historic city centre of Breda is a redevelopment of a monastery complex, three town houses and a chapel. The historical features of these buildings were well preserved. The former Catholic monastery was transformed into a restaurant. With a team of designers, I gave the history of this location a new lease on life, with a modern touch; a storytelling concept."


full marks for quality

"We always first look at the materials we want to use in a room, and only then do we proceed with the design. My design studio is known for its distinctive designs. We like to provoke, create a bit of confusion, and be surprising and daring. The Vescom products are a perfect match, both in terms of style and functionality. I love wallcovering and Vescom provides a product that scores a 10 for quality, and in terms of design, it just becomes prettier and more exciting. We will therefore be working more and more with Vescom in future. The beauty of the Vescom wallcovering can truly be appreciated in a hotel like the Nassau in Breda.

vinyl wallcovering

“We decided on vinyl wallcovering. This is used in the hotel rooms, suites, restaurants, meeting facilities and events hotspots. The common areas were pleasantly decorated with beautiful, striking colours. In a hotel, it is essential that the materials being used must be functional too, in other words: durable, easy to clean, flame retardant, scratch and impact resistant, safe, colourfast and lightfast. The Vescom products meet these quality requirements and are therefore perfectly suitable for hotel areas."


reviving the days gone by

"The rooms in the Nassau Hotel features a distinctive style in which the days gone by are revived in a subtle way. Think of wooden rafters and the shades of colour used in those days. We intermingle various styles, but always toned down with tranquility. The building's original architecture is reflected in the rooms and suites. Vescom printed wallcovering with arches that symbolize the arches in the typical main entrance window frames. Pictures of perky nuns are special eye-catchers, playfully referring to the erstwhile function. Vescom printed the pictures beautifully and extremely carefully digitally on the wallcovering, retaining the technical properties of the vinyl wallcovering.


In short: If you walk through the Nassau Hotel, the story of yesteryear hovers in the air, without having to exchange a single word. Vescom wallcovering play an essential role in the story." Thus, Wim Hoopman.

applied designs 


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