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Introducing recycled boucle fabrics Foster and Auckland


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humanizing our habitats  

As ‘luxury’ becomes synonymous with comfort and wellbeing, we’re returning to the essence of our relationship with textiles as a sort of second skin – a mediator between our bodies and the environment. And as our built environment becomes increasingly filled with hard, angular surfaces, we’re naturally drawn to super-soft, tactile upholstery fabrics that make us feel at home, even when we’re not – fabrics that humanize commercial interiors.

Combining homelike comfort with the highest performance specifications demanded by the contract market, Vescom’s sustainable recycled boucle upholstery fabrics inspire physical touch and create a sense of cosy cocooning in commercial spaces. Woven in Vescom’s weaving mill and incorporating predominantly recycled polyester FR boucle yarn made from post-consumer PET bottles, yarn-dyed upholstery fabrics Auckland and Foster achieve a three-dimensionality and handcrafted feel that can’t be replicated with flat, untextured yarn.

textured yarn for tactile upholstery fabrics  

Boucle – which means ‘loop’ in French – refers to the loops in the yarn. When woven into upholstery fabrics, this textured yarn inherently creates volume, softness and comfort. Add to this the fact that our fabrics are yarn-dyed and not piece-dyed, and you’ll find that Vescom boucle upholstery fabrics achieve a three-dimensionality and handcrafted feel that can’t be replicated with flat, untextured yarn.

from plastic bottles to yarn 

We’re constantly researching new alternatives and exploring future materials – always with an eye to sustainability. Made from post-consumer PET bottles, our almost 100% recycled polyester FR boucle yarn turns the problem of plastic waste into a solution. Bottles are collected locally before being separated by type and colour, processed and converted into flakes. This polymer is eventually extruded into yarn, which is then texturized, yarn dyed and embedded with permanent flame retardant properties. Meeting the highest performance specifications for the contract market, the resulting boucle yarn is turned into remarkably soft and textured upholstery textiles in Vescom’s German weaving mill.

a rich, nature-inspired yarn bank  

Our new recycled boucle yarn demanded a new yarn bank with a different approach. We crafted every colour in-house after conducting deep research to find the right tones for contemporary times. Just like our boucle upholstery fabrics, the palette reflects the current shift towards wellbeing, comfort and human-centricity. And just as the upholstery fabric recalls the essence of our relationship with textiles, its palette returns to the essence of our relationship with the Earth. The yarn bank not only draws from the countless colours found in nature but also reflects nature’s nuances. Subtle tonal shifts within the colour card call to mind the way colours change throughout the day, or how each stone in a riverbed or stem of straw in a field adopts a different hue. With this sensitivity to subtlety, we also developed a wide range of ‘non-colours’ or neutrals.

Foster: incredibly soft touch 

Made from recycled polyester (97%) derived from post-consumer PET bottles, Foster is a unicoloured, universal boucle upholstery fabric with an incredibly soft touch, like butter in the hand. Foster is remarkably unique for a boucle upholstery fabric thanks to its combination of homelike comfort and extreme high performance, with a Martindale value of 60,000. While the boucle yarn inherently gives the upholstery textile texture and tactility, as a yarn-dyed fabric it has added depth and three-dimensionality. Foster’s universality is reflected in its 27 colours that draw from nature’s diversity.

Auckland: playful and three-dimensional 

Auckland gets its playful look, three-dimensionality and organic grid from the intermingling of its two different weft yarns – one boucle, the other flat. Both weft yarns are made from almost 100% recycled polyester, derived from post-consumer PET bottles. These yarns are combined with a polyester FR warp, bringing the total recycled content of Auckland to 76%. By using different coloured yarns for this jacquard upholstery fabric, we’ve produced 34 unique and surprising colour combinations, like crisp violet and mossy green or bold blue and vibrant orange. In each high-performance upholstery textile, the two colours stand on their own while uniting to form a third, new colour. This offers a practical advantage, giving Auckland a chameleon-like quality that makes it compatible with almost any colour scheme.

cohesive combinations  

Due to their boucle yarn and complementary palettes, Auckland and Foster can be harmoniously combined in interiors and on furniture and wall panels. Their colours work with any kind of atmosphere as well as in combination with other materials.

qualified for the contract market 

Specifically developed to satisfy the strict technical demands of the international contract market, Vescom’s recycled boucle upholstery fabrics are durable, light- and colourfast, highly resistant to abrasion, low pilling and easy to use. The products pass all European and American flame retardancy tests, a quality that’s embedded into the yarn itself rather than applied as a finish, guaranteeing it remains permanently contained in the fabric. The range also passes stringent IMO standards, making it safe to use aboard waterborne vessels, including cruise ships.

free sample pack: Foster & Auckland 

Feel the softness, experience the three-dimensionality: get a taster of Vescom’s recycled boucle upholstery with our free sample pack. The hand-picked selection of Foster – a unicoloured, universal boucle with a super-soft touch – and Auckland – a tightly woven boucle melange with unique and surprising colour combinations – highlights the upholstery fabrics’ nature-inspired palettes, comfort and durability, as well as their compatibility.

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