The softer side of strong interior materials  

Introducing Delta vinyl wallcovering and its universal colour palette

Vescom proves that the strongest interior materials can have a softer side. With its minimalistic structure, extremely matte painterly appearance and colour range that’s as beautiful as it is versatile, Delta vinyl wallcovering is unique for its universality.

Architects and designers can easily incorporate it into any interior, including hotels, restaurants, high-end residential projects, retail spaces, offices, public spaces, education environments, hospitals and care facilities.

fresh, contemporary colours 

Delta vinyl wallcovering now combines fresh, contemporary colours with the strength and durability to meet the highest demands of commercial interiors. Vescom’s in-house team of expert colourists have developed 33 atmospheric shades that elevate Delta to a new level of sophistication. Inspired by colours found in the natural world, the calming palette includes soft and sandy neutrals, fresh blues and greens, and warm ochre and brick.

customize with Delta+Print 

As a white base material, Delta is part of our Customize offer as Wallcovering+Print – a blank canvas for architects and designers to personalize with digital printing. Delta+Print can fulfil a need that’s poetic or practical – or both. It can add character and individuality to interiors, tell a unique spatial story, or provide an integrated method of wayfinding. It can embed branding within the interior architecture, determine the mood of an entire space, or provide a feature accent within a spatial scheme.

Delta+Protect: taking hygiene further 

Featuring a subtle embossment, Delta resembles a painted surface but can be much better cleaned and disinfected than painted walls, a factor that’s particularly important in high-traffic, high-turnover spaces. To add an extra layer of protection, all 33 Delta colours are also available with Vescom Protect. A vinyl wallcovering so sanitary it can be employed in surgical spaces, Delta+Protect has a high chemical resistance against aggressive cleaners, such as alcohols, solvents, bleaching agents, acids and bases.

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