15 reasons to use Vescom's vinyl wallcovering in contract interiors 

Since walls account for such a large part of a building’s interior architecture, they have a huge impact on an environment’s overall look and feel. As humans we’re drawn to tactile, aesthetic materials that enhance our experience of space. But in contract interiors, architects and designers must take more than aesthetics into account. They also need to consider a material’s performance, both from a regulation point of view – is it flame retardant, for example? – and in terms of longevity. After all, a new interior should look as good as possible for as long as possible.

That’s the Vescom difference: function and performance meet design-driven material solutions. Developed from a human perspective while meeting strict international contract market standards, our vinyl wallcovering combines all the benefits of an extremely durable and long-lasting material with contemporary, attractive aesthetics. We even offer customizable colour and print options to provide the perfect fit for your project, like a handmade glove. With superior cleanability, our vinyl wallcovering is also the ideal solution for our safety- and hygiene-vigilant times.


At Vescom, we’re in a constant state of development and improvement. This evolution is reflected in our vinyl wallcovering, showcasing a material that’s come a long way since its beginnings. Nowadays it’s a solid option for those who wish to capitalize on its functional benefits while also considering their impact on the environment.

the key benefits of vinyl wallcovering for contract interiors 

1. a wide range of colours and structures for every space  

Filled with various structures, colours and designs – some resemble luxurious tactile textiles, while others provide slick and super-hygienic surfaces – our extensive vinyl wallcovering collection can make walls blend in or stand out. This diversity makes it suitable for a multitude of applications and atmospheres: add colour, structure and identity to walls, play with sheen or matte surfaces, and create depth with light-and-shadow play.

orange wallcovering with a heavy embossment

2. strong and durable 

Vinyl is an attractive yet incredibly durable wallcovering solution. Our vinyl wallcovering has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, outperforming the likes of paint and glass fibre. A high-quality product that will last the distance, it’s a sound investment for interior spaces.

3. flame retardant and colourfast to light 

To meet the strict technical requirements of the global contract market, Vescom vinyl wallcovering undergoes both in-house and external testing. Our wallcovering is tested for its suitability for contract use, including its level of flame retardancy and how well its colours resist fading when exposed to light.

4. a healthy, conscious choice  

Vescom works in accordance with a controlled and certified ISO 14001 environmental management system. Our vinyl wallcovering is made using an environmentally friendly in-house production process and has a low VOC emission (A+ certification according to the French certification programme Émissions dans l’air intérieur). We work with water-based inks and our vinyl films are phthalate-free. In addition, Vescom is a member of VinylPlus, an initiative started by the international vinyl processing industry with the objective of promoting the sustainable production and use of vinyl.

5. easy-to-clean and disinfectable 

Our vinyl wallcovering is easy-to-clean and disinfectable, offering a high level of protection in interiors. Cleaning is possible with standard household cleaning products and Vescom cleaner. Our vinyl wallcovering can also be more thoroughly cleaned and disinfected than other common wall surfaces, a factor that’s particularly important in high-traffic, high-turnover spaces.

6. disinfectable with alcohol and active chlorine  

Taking hygiene even further is Vescom Protect, a highly stain resistant solution that can withstand intense cleaning and disinfecting without losing its beauty. Vescom Protect’s extremely hardwearing nature makes it the right choice for environments that require periodic intensive cleaning and disinfecting. Vescom Protect can also be combined with our digital printing service to create customized, ultra-hygienic wallcovering solutions.

green wallcovering outside an OK hospital room

7. simple to install  

Our vinyl wallcovering can be easily applied by qualified experts. It requires no drying time and the wallcovering is odourless, so rooms can be used immediately after installation.

8. optically seamless  

After installation, you hardly see any seams – our use of coloured bases gives seams their own inherent colour instead of an obvious white edge.

9. easy to repair  

Thanks to our use of coloured vinyl films as a base, any damage the wallcovering incurs during use will reveal only the coloured film, making nicks and notches far more discreet and therefore much easier to repair.

10. available with customized prints 

With our digital printing service, we can help you to create a customized vinyl wallcovering that’s 100 per cent in tune with your needs. Incorporate imagery that tells a space’s specific story, intrinsically weave a brand’s identity into the interior rather than apply it as a superficial layer, include a fully integrated method of wayfinding: whatever imagery architects and designers bring to the table to fit in with their creative concept – realistic or abstract, of a pattern or material, or even text-based – our expert design team will translate it into a wallcovering of the perfect size and quality.

floor-to-ceiling wallcovering with a customized print

11. possibility for custom prints on standard wallcovering 

Popular bestsellers from Vescom’s standard wallcovering collection such as Melvin and Kilby can be customized through digital printing. This option gives architects and designers the advantage of being able to combine personalized printed areas with non-printed wall sections – all with the same product. Picture a hotel room, for example. All of the walls could feature the same wallcovering, but accent imagery can be printed on the space above the bed. What’s more, our advanced printing process ensures the inks stand out and stay bright.

12. can come in customized colours 

If for any reason one of our collection colours won’t suffice – perhaps you’re searching for vinyl wallcovering in an exact brand colour, that one specific shade to complement your spatial story or you simply have a favourite tone that’s not available in our existing range – our colour experts can partner with you to create the perfect customized match for your project.

colour expert matches colours

13. can double as a presentation surface 

Our wallcovering can add even more functionality to a space by doubling as a magnetic writable surface and projection screen. Vescom Walltalkers are easy-to-install surfaces that transform any space into an inspiration room. Designed to endure daily use without deteriorating, they are ideal for offices, meeting and training facilities, marketing departments and design studios.

14. safe for use on ships  

Strict standards set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) mandate which materials are allowed to be used on board. Only products that receive IMO certification – meaning they pass the most stringent of testing procedures – can be safely used aboard waterborne vessels. Our vinyl wallcovering can fulfil the IMO flame retardant standards for the shipping industry, making it suitable for cruise ships, ferries and offshore platforms.

15. in-house production and superior service  

Our combination of expertly trained staff, advanced in-house production processes and state-of-the-art technologies gives us the capacity to deliver an extremely high-speed service that accommodates you and your needs. What’s more, we offer a free rapid sample service to accelerate the decision-making process surrounding materials.

Vescom's in-house production facility

strong material synergy  

Our vinyl wallcovering continues the strong material synergy embedded within the entire Vescom product family: wallcovering, curtain fabrics and upholstery materials for the international contract market. Even though each has its own unique identity, Vescom products share the same DNA: balancing aesthetics and high performance, they are all designed with respect for the inherent properties of their corresponding materials and techniques. Tactile and expressive, the results are design-driven rather than decorative, interweaving colour, material and structure. Since materials, colours and textures recur among our various ranges, architects and designers can tap into the holistic world of Vescom to provide interior solutions with one atmosphere and ambience.

example of various Vescom products that share the same DNA

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