Acoustic sheers block sound and provide privacy in Barbara Forcher's studio FACEIT 

Project: Barbara Forcher - FACEIT, Wien - Austria | Product: acoustic sheers

Design: design & interior architecture | Photos: Leonhard Hilzensauer

transparent acoustic curtains support the exclusive room design for beauty, health and wellbeing 

Barbara Forcher's studio FACEIT is located in the heart of Vienna, in an old building in the 1st district. As a holistic facialist and micronutrient coach, the qualified nutrition educator has made it her job to help customers achieve a radiant complexion through the right diet and optimal skin care.

The room design of the recently opened studio comes from design & interior architecture and reflects the holistic concept. The result is a place that provides an exclusive framework for the exchange of information and thoughts on all aspects of skin, health, beauty, nutrition and wellbeing. Vescom's transparent, acoustic curtain fabric Marmara is used as a privacy screen and for good acoustics.

see-through sound absorption 

There are only two doors in the 80 square meter studio, which are located at the entrance and to the laundry room. "To separate all other areas, stylish and at the same time functional curtains, which also serve as room dividers, privacy screens and soundproofing, are the ideal solution," explains Karin Binder from design & interior architecture. "Marmara is perfect for this, because the fabric is light and airy, has a very beautiful weave and is available in a wide range of colors." The client and interior designer chose a subtle shimmering shade to match the subject of skin health. The curtains fit harmoniously into the bright and friendly room design and contribute significantly to the feel-good atmosphere of the studio. The multifunctional curtain fabric also scores points in terms of hygiene: it is very easy to care for, washable at 70°C and can therefore be thermally disinfected - without any chemicals.

applied designs 


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