transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics 

sound absorbent, translucent and flame retarding 

Noise is disruptive: Sound disrupts communication, reduces work performance and causes fatigue. Do you want to improve the acoustics and understandability in a room, partition an open space or, on the contrary, connect it and/or create a flexible workplace or more privacy? Vescom's transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics are the solution. These reduce the echo time, absorb sound and improve understandability.

transparant acoustic curtain fabric Corsica

Tay, Tinos, Corsica, Capri, Carmen, Marmara and Formozo absorb up to five times more sound than customary transparent curtain fabrics. The look and feel of the designs are light, transparent, fresh and clear. These transparent, refined glossy fabrics are of high quality: although they are extremely lightweight, they nevertheless possess a sound absorption coefficient of between alphaw 0.5 and 0.8. The fabrics offer particularly great added value in interiors with sound-reflecting surfaces, such as concrete, glass and marble, which produce echoes.

the benefits of transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics 


acoustic: alphaw 0.5-0.8  

The porosity of the fabrics and the special weaving technology used in their production enable them to absorb up to five times more sound than other transparent curtain fabrics. They possess a sound absorption coefficient of between alphaw 0.5 and 0.8. A light, transparent curtain has a standard alphaw of 0.15.


Architects, designers and office fitters can create a visual, translucent separation or connect a room with Vescom's transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics without significantly disrupting the conditions. The fabrics allow light to shine through and conform to any room.

flame retarding and safe  

The fabrics are fire safe and suitable for the contract market because 100% flame-retarding yarns have been used. The transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics meet the most stringent European standard for public buildings.

functional and problem-solving 

Three functions in one curtain fabric. Translucent, maximum sound absorption and flame retardant.

lightweight and extremely strong 

The curtain fabrics are extremely thin and lightweight – and also extremely strong.

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Tay, Corsica, Capri, Marmara and Formoza are floor-to-ceiling (± 3 metres) and therefore can be made up without seams.

choice from 7 fabrics 

Tay: floor-to-ceiling, acoustic and transparent

Tay, a floor-to-ceiling curtain fabric, is soft, friendly and has an organic longitudinal stripe. The fabric was inspired by natural shapes in wood, bamboo and water. Tay is an extremely supple floor-to-ceiling curtain with a high sound absorption level (alphaw 0.6). It can be washed up to 70°C and is broadly applicable thanks to its 12 natural colours.


alphaw: 0.6

12 colours

Curtain fabric Tay

Curtain fabric Tinos

Tinos: acoustic, semi-transparent and matte

Tinos has a refined textile feel and a matte look. The vertical crêpe effect gives the fabric a natural look. Tinos is ideal for creating privacy in office environments, for example, because the fabric is semi-transparent. Just like Tay, this fabric has a high sound absorption level (alphaw 0.6), is supple and can be washed at 70°C. The 16 soft colours can easily be combined with Barkley design wallcovering.


alphaw: 0.6

16 colours

Corsica: natural linen look

Corsica proves that aesthetics and functionality can be combined. Despite the high acoustic value, the floor-to-ceiling fabric has a friendly textile feel with a soft linen look. In addition, this fabric creates a comfortable mood. Corsica characterises a beautiful blended effect, is available in a wide range of natural colours and can be perfectly combined with other linen-like fabrics.


alphaw: 0.65

12 colours

close-up transparant acoutisc curtain fabric corsica

close-up transparant acoutisc curtain fabric capri

Capri: functional elegance

Curtain fabric Capri also makes a positive contribution both to the audibility and comfort level in a room as does Corsica. The fabric has a pleasant and smooth feel to it. Capri has a chic look and offers a pallet of colours of special metallic tints such as bronze, silver and platinum.


alphaw: 0.65

12 colours

Carmen: architectonic rib

Carmen has an architectonic rib with a subtle gloss. Minimalistic with neutral tints, black, grey and copper.


alphaw: 0.5

9 colours

close-up transparant acoutisc curtain fabric carmen

close-up transparant acoutisc curtain fabric marmara

Marmara: soft textile look and feel

Marmara has a soft textile look and feel with no fewer than 24 warm natural hues. Sand beige, taupe, bamboo, mint, jade & soft pink. Marmara can be used on both sides because of the gloss on the reverse.


alphaw: 0.5

24 colours

Formoza: sporty and playful

Formoza is a sporty, playful and graphic fabric with 12 clear fresh colours such as white and grey, orange, green and blue hues.


alphaw: 0.8

12 colours

close-up transparant acoutisc curtain fabric formoza

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