Wallcovering colours depicts the spectrum from sunset to sunrise in Emma's new office 

Project: Emma - The Sleep Company, Frankfurt - Germany

Product: vinyl wallcovering | Design: VRAI interior architecture | Photos: Nina Struve für VRAI interior architecture

Last year, a new work office was set up in Frankfurt's Bahnhofsviertel for mattress manufacturer Emma - The Sleep Company. The generous office space comprises 4,500 square meters on three floors - enough space for the young startup company's team of over 400 people. The furnishing concept was created by VRAI interior architecture. Their goal was to create individual usability for all rooms in order to support the interactive, flexible working method of the team.

The result was a combination of open work areas, centrally located communication areas, retreat and exercise options as well as separate meeting rooms. The furnishings are based on the night cycle. The colour design of the interior depicts the spectrum from sunset to sunrise. As a result, the choice of colors for floors, wallcoverings and textiles ranges from dark blue to purple and bordeaux red to a bright orange.

vinyl wallcovering design Colour Choice is available in 140 colours 

"At the customer's request, all of the materials used should be durable, easy-care, hard-wearing and flame-retardant," explains Tanja Leicht, interior designer at VRAI. "We quickly found a suitable wallcovering that meets these requirements: Due to the wide range of colors and the functional properties, only Colour Choice from Vescom was an option for us."


The vinyl wallcovering design is available in a selection of 140 colors and is flame retardant, lightfast and colorfast, as well as scratch and impact resistant. It can be attached seamlessly and is easy to care for, as stains of any kind can simply be wiped off or cleaned with conventional cleaning agents. If necessary, the wallcovering can even be treated with a variety of disinfectants approved by the Robert Koch Institute - a decisive advantage, especially in times of increased risk of infection.

applied designs 

colour choice

1056.001 - 1056.140

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