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Shannon exudes an authenticity that stems from its artisanal history – it was developed at a time when patterns were engraved by hand on rollers. Whether the results conjure images of engraved stone, hammered metal or mosaic tiles, this handcrafted quality still prevails today, lending the wallcovering both a strong character and an inherent charm. A real eyecatcher, Shannon shines as a feature in retail spaces and hospitality projects.

Shannon’s 22 colourways reflect the diversity of today’s interiors. Its palette includes numerous matte neutrals that refer to crushed paper or structured ceramics. Other tones are inspired by everything from precious jewels to mosaic tiles to stone. Some colours feel extracted from gemstones: emerald green, lapis lazuli blue, golden amber and rose quartz. Others could be mined from the Earth’s strata: anthracite black, granite grey, clay brown and burnished copper.

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"Shannon’s heavy embossment and radical structure produce a dynamic light-and-shadow play" 

Blue wallcovering with a heavy embossment

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