form and function go hand in hand 

No compromise on design, no compromise on function: Vescom’s vinyl and textile wallcovering collections bring you the best of both worlds. Featuring over 150 designs and more than 2,000 colours – as well digitally printed customized options for tailor-made solutions – Vescom’s range of premium wallcovering has every interior covered. Protect susceptible spaces with vinyl, add depth and luxury with tactile textiles or transform walls into canvases for collaboration.

Vinyl wallcovering Tonga

produced in Vescom's on-site manufactury 

Made in Vescom’s on-site manufacturing facilities, the collections are designed specifically to meet strict international contract-market standards. Suitable for hospitality, healthcare, education, office and recreation projects, Vescom’s wallcovering is strong, durable, fire retardant, and light- and colourfast.

vinyl wallcovering 

The list of advantages attached to Vescom’s vinyl wallcovering is seemingly endless. It’s hard to believe that such an aesthetic product is also exceptionally durable. Available in an array of different colours and structures – including textile-like textures and customized prints – the range is suitable for a multitude of applications and atmospheres, and can be seamlessly applied. Not only that, it’s also flame retardant and light- and colourfast. Easy to install and maintain, vinyl is the ideal solution for environments that require extra protection against stains and chemicals.

Vinyl wallcovering Ketoy

Vinyl wallcovering Watson

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textile wallcovering 

Rich and diverse: two words that aptly describe Vescom’s textile wallcovering. Spanning the fabric and colour spectrum – from cotton and linen to silk and Xorel, and from bold brights to pared-back neutrals – these touch-worthy textiles are designed with genuine respect for the inherent properties of their corresponding materials and techniques. Textile wallcovering adds a natural yet luxurious character to interiors, all while standing up to heavy use.

Textile wallcovering design Kai & Fenda

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digital printed wallcovering  

Sometimes only a bespoke solution will suffice. That’s why, with Vescom, you can design your own digital printed wallcovering. From aesthetics to scale: the possibilities are endless – and Vescom’s design-service specialists will be there to guide you through the process. With seamless and floor-to-ceiling options, digitally printed wallcovering brings a powerful presence to any space. The results are also durable, easy to clean, flame retardant, scratch and impact resistant, and colour- and lightfast.

Project Mondrian Doha - Qatar

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Simple surfaces become conduits for creativity with Walltakers: wallcovering that doubles as a magnetic writable surface and projection screen. Ideal for offices, meeting and training facilities, marketing departments and design studios, Walltalkers transforms any space into an inspiration room. Designed to endure daily use without deteriorating, these easy-to-install surfaces meet the strictest fire-safety requirements and can be applied both horizontally and vertically.

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