Contrasting yet complementary structured surfaces  

Introducing vinyl wallcovering designs  
Shannon and Sila 

Vescom’s diverse vinyl wallcovering collection is now even richer with the introduction of Sila and recolour of Shannon – two structured surfaces that contrast yet complement each other. Shannon’s recolour makes this classic design feel as contemporary today as it did 50 years ago. Sila, a brand-new addition to the Vescom portfolio, is a testament to high-end technology yet looks completely natural, showcasing the expertise of Vescom’s in-house design team.

Shannon: a classic is reborn for today  

Shannon has been part of the Vescom family from the very beginning, since the 1970s. Along the way it’s been updated with new colour palettes and for new contexts, and architects and designers keep returning to it time and again. What is it that makes Shannon so special, so timeless? For one thing, its heavy embossment and radical structure produce incredible tactility and three-dimensionality. Shannon also exudes an authenticity that stems from its artisanal history – it was developed at a time when patterns were engraved by hand on rollers. Whether the results conjure images of engraved stone, hammered metal or mosaic tiles, this handcrafted quality still prevails today, lending the wallcovering both a strong character and an inherent charm. A real eyecatcher, Shannon shines as a feature in retail spaces, hospitality and leisure projects.


Shannon’s 22 new colourways reflect the diversity of today’s interiors. Its palette includes numerous matte neutrals that refer to crushed paper or structured ceramics. Other tones are inspired by everything from precious jewels to mosaic tiles to stone. Some colours feel extracted from gemstones: emerald green, lapis lazuli blue, golden amber and rose quartz. Others could be mined from the Earth’s strata: anthracite black, granite grey, clay brown and burnished copper.

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Sila: innovation meets familiarity  

Behind Sila’s simple yet sophisticated appearance lies high-level innovation. Even though it resembles a woven fabric, something intimately familiar to us all, Sila’s structure would not be possible to produce without Vescom’s unrivalled in-house expertise and cutting-edge technological processes. The wallcovering’s ultra-thin composition and superfine embossment highlight Vescom’s capabilities in 3D design development.


Sila’s 25 colourways radiate the fresh feeling of springtime, with soft breezy pastels as well as vibrant tones that could have been picked from a marigold or lavender field. Mossy and grassy greens sit alongside bluer tones: the aquamarine of an untouched lake and the subdued shades of a mountainous landscape in the distance.

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contrasting yet compatible 

With its stripped-back aesthetic, Sila is almost the reverse of the highly textural Shannon. But rather than exist as opposites, the two are highly complementary. Their palettes aren’t designed to match, but to support each other. This means that Sila could serve as the predominant vinyl wallcovering in an interior while Shannon provides the accents.


Shannon and Sila continue the strong material synergy embedded within the entire Vescom product family: wallcovering, curtain fabrics and upholstery materials for the international contract market. Even though each has its own unique identity, Vescom products share the same DNA: balancing aesthetics and high performance, they are all designed with respect for the inherent properties of their corresponding materials and techniques. Tactile and expressive, the results are design-driven rather than decorative, interweaving colour, material and structure. Since materials, colours and textures recur among these various ranges, architects and designers can tap into the holistic world of Vescom to provide interior solutions with one atmosphere and ambience.

the superior performance of vinyl wallcovering 

Both Shannon and Sila are made from vinyl, an attractive yet incredibly durable wallcovering solution that meets strict international contract market standards. A high-quality product that will last the distance, Vescom vinyl wallcovering is flame retardant and light- and colourfast. Made in Vescom’s own on-site manufacturing facilities, Vescom vinyl wallcovering can not only be seamlessly applied but is also easy to install, clean, maintain and repair.

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