Vescom upholstery: 
high performance, high design  

Function meets beauty in Vescom’s unique upholstery collection. The diverse range comprises 35 patterns in more than 900 colourways. Users are invited to create playful combinations of tone and structure – both within the upholstery collection itself and in conjunction with our of wallcovering and curtain fabrics, thanks to visible connections between our entire portfolio.

produced in Vescom’s own weaving mills 

Produced in Vescom’s own weaving mills, the extensive range of vinyls and textiles was specifically developed to satisfy the strict technical demands of the international contract market. A favourite among the industry, upholsterers and end users alike, the high-performance collection is flame retardant, durable, light- and colourfast, and easy to use. Textile options are composed of polyester, wool and mohair: soft and sustainable yet suitable for intensive use. Vinyls, on the other hand, combine the appearance of textile with the added functionality of an impervious material.

Vescom weaving mill

sustainable recycled boucle upholstery fabrics 

Combining homelike comfort with the highest performance specifications demanded by the contract market, Vescom’s sustainable recycled boucle upholstery fabrics inspire physical touch and create a sense of cosy cocooning in commercial spaces. Woven in Vescom’s 100% CO2-neutral weaving mill and incorporating predominantly recycled polyester FR boucle yarn made from post-consumer PET bottles, yarn-dyed upholstery fabrics Auckland and Foster achieve a three-dimensionality and handcrafted feel that can’t be replicated with flat, untextured yarn.

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upholstery made from 100% recycled plastic waste 

As part of our dedication to researching new alternatives and exploring future materials with an eye to sustainability, we have gone back to the root of upholstery fabrics: the yarn itself. Working with a new type of yarn made entirely from recycled PET bottles from local sources, Vescom has designed, developed and produced four cost-effective eco-friendly upholstery fabrics with a soft touch that meet the highest performance specifications for the contract market.

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flame retardant polyester upholstery 

Aesthetics and practicality align in Vescom’s polyester upholstery collection. Not only is the series extremely durable, but it also features an abundance of designs, tones and structures. Flame retardant and abrasion resistant, the range includes modern neutrals and contemporary colours, as well as duotone yarns and soft chenilles. Plus, it’s easy to use and to look after.

Upholstery fabric Noss applied on a sofa

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wool upholstery 

Cosy, soft and natural: wool is the embodiment of comfort. For Vescom, the material means durability as well. Inherently stain resistant and flame retardant, our wool upholstery offerings combine high performance with high design, making them well suited to offices and similar heavy-use situations. Increase an interior’s softness and warmth while incorporating a friendly, light and fresh palette. The easy-to-upholster fabric is also perfect for panels.

Upholstery fabric Lani applied on a panel

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mohair upholstery 

For decades, Vescom has been the leading expert in weaving mohair velvet fabrics. The material’s welcoming warmth comes in an array of deep, elegant colours. Luxurious yet long-lasting, Vescom’s mohair velvet upholstery fabric is naturally sound-absorbing, making it a fitting choice for the hospitality sector, theatres and concert halls. Climate controlling and fully flame retardant, mohair is also extremely easy to maintain.

stack of mohair upholstery fabrics

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vinyl upholstery 

All the softness of a textile with the superior resilience of vinyl: Vescom’s vinyl upholstery teams strength and safety with a welcoming palette of colours and structures. Stain resistant and hygienic, the robust range has a long service life, offering protection against bacteria, dirt and grease and meeting the stringent safety requirements of healthcare facilities. Equally at home in the retail and education sectors, the easy-to-clean material is composed of a synthetic surface on a cotton backing.

Vinyl upholstery Jemo & Scott

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