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Woven in Vescom’s own eco-conscious weaving mill in the Netherlands, Monte is a Cradle to Cradle® Bronze-certified mohair velvet upholstery fabric. Made from a 100% mohair pile connected to a cotton backing, the high-end natural upholstery fabric reaches its sustainability status thanks to minimal intervention during its manufacture: we weave it, colour it, wash it, and then it’s done. Nothing else is added, highlighting our respect for mohair as a beautiful natural resource.

Like a cosy blanket or thick rug, Monte is incredibly soft and contributes to physical and acoustic comfort. It goes big on volume with its high pile, creating sumptuous upholstered surfaces to sink into.


The traditional yet timeless nature of mohair velvet upholstery is reinforced by Monte’s palette of 16 matte colours. Like the pigments used to create them, the soft colours have a powdery quality. Nature’s inspiration prevails, with moss green and nude pink alongside a spectrum of neutrals that nod to the pelts of the Angora goats from which the upholstery fabric is produced.

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"We respect mohair as a beautiful natural resource." 

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