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Ponza’s plush softness, high level of comfort and widely appealing palette make it the ideal mid-segment upholstery fabric for hospitality projects like hotels and cinemas, retail interiors, and anywhere high performance is needed. Although Ponza is a plain fabric, its enticing tactility, subtle sheen and the movement it gains from being a classic velvet – which alters its appearance when touched – bring a lively three-dimensionality to the material.

Vescom’s in-house colourists looked to the beauty of nature when developing Ponza’s new palette. The deep crimson and powdery pink could have been painted with the petals of a dahlia or rose, while the russet and gamboge recall the warm tints of autumn leaves. The deep blues are reminiscent of a dusk skyscape, while the soft greens would feel at home on the forest floor. The super-soft low-pile polyester FR velvet upholstery has been re-engineered with a higher Martindale value of 130,000 rubs.

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"Colours inspired by the beauty of nature." 

"Combining tactility, sheen and movement." 

upholstery fabric Ponza on cushions

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