Vescom Protect special selection 

7 designs, 36 colours: available with a minimum order of only 1 metre


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Whether a space calls for a clean, architectural surface; something with the look of a natural textured textile; a finish that resembles brushed concrete; or a vertical pattern that extends the ceiling height – Vescom Protect has every option covered.

There’s a growing need for Vescom Protect within our hygiene-vigilant climate, which is why we want to make it accessible for smaller orders. A special selection of Vescom Protect designs and colours is therefore available with a minimum order of only 1 metre.

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available with a minimum order of only 1 metre 

7 designs, 36 colours 

Chosen for their ease of application, 7 designs in a total of 36 colourways represent the most popular and universal products within the Vescom Protect collection.


  • Delta+Protect has a minimalistic structure and an extremely matte painterly appearance.
  • Colour Choice+Protect and Nero+protect provide uniformity through their clean, architectural surfaces.
  • Kilby+Protect, Albert+Protect, Millwood+Protect and Greenbo+Protect are textured textiles looks with a completely natural appearance.
  • Lismore+Protect and Onari+Protect visually extend the ceiling height with their vertical textile look.
  • Pleso+Protect and Melvin+Protect have a textured, washed aesthetic that resembles concrete.