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Introducing vinyl wallcovering: Granby and Rebun


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handcrafted linen looks for homelike comfort  

Granby and Rebun explore the design-and-aesthetic potential of vinyl wallcovering. Vescom’s in-house design team have harnessed their deep understanding of and respect for woven textiles, working with embossment to combine the human-centricity of soft textiles with the benefits of vinyl wallcovering.

The two new designs have a linen look: Granby updates the classic herringbone pattern while Rebun has an all-over textile weave pattern, two distinct yet related products that can be used separately or in combination. Thanks to their handcrafted expression, high-traffic commercial spaces that demand durable and easy-to-clean materials are imbued with homelike comfort.

Granby features a subtle structured stripe while Rebun has an all-over pattern: two distinct yet related products that can be used separately or in combination.

"We can counteract the prevalence of hard, slick interior surfaces by returning to tactility."  


harking back to herringbone

Granby vinyl wallcovering (9 colours) updates the classic herringbone pattern for contemporary commercial conditions. Drawing from their expertise in woven textiles, Vescom’s in-house design team have crafted Granby’s subtle structured stripe with respect for the original material, working with embossment to translate the look and feel of fabric into an incredibly hardwearing, cleanable vinyl wallcovering.

Granby’s design process involved studying traditional herringbone textiles and interpreting their essence into handcrafted samples to find the perfect scale, texture and balance for a vinyl wallcovering. The result combines two printed layers with a vertical embossment to achieve a luxurious three-dimensional look.

"The beauty of a textile’s handcrafted look." 


the look of natural linen

Vescom’s in-house design team have harnessed their deep understanding of woven textiles to give high-performance vinyl wallcovering the rich texture and three-dimensionality of natural linen. With its large-scale structure, Rebun (23 colours) resembles coarse-weave linen, giving it a distinctly handmade look.

Applying their in-depth studies of existing woven textiles, Vescom’s expert designers worked with handcrafted samples to explore various scales and textures to find the perfect embossed expression.

"Capturing the organic irregularity of a woven textile." 

a palette plucked from nature 

The super-matte nature of Granby and Rebun demanded specialized colour research. Granby’s 9 colours and Rebun’s 23 are inspired by natural hues and materials: raw linen, sand and shells, plant pigments, slate and stone grey, ceramics and alabaster, earth and clay.

9 common colours  

In the larger colour card of Rebun the 9 colours of Granby can be found. This means that although they differ in design – Granby has a herringbone pattern while Rebun has the grid of a plain weave – the two wallcoverings can naturally unite in one interior scheme.

timeless tones for human-centric spaces 

With their handcrafted linen look and organic-inspired colours, Granby and Rebun feel perfectly at home in both contemporary interiors and heritage spaces. Aligning with other enduring interior materials, they reflect the shift away from commercial-looking contract spaces towards human-centric homelike environments in everything from hotels and restaurants to workspaces and retail environments. Granby and Rebun are also ideal for adding luxury and comfort to today’s high-end residential projects.

free sample pack: Granby, Rebun and Delta 

Granby, Rebun and Delta share a soft, homelike colour palette and the strength and durability to meet the highest demands of commercial interiors. See how these three vinyl wallcoverings work singularly and in harmony with our free sample pack.

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