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Now, more than ever, we’re aware of the value – and necessity – of human-centric spaces. Regardless of their typology, commercial interiors are adopting the comforts of home by introducing warmth, softness and serenity. In our quest for tranquillity and wellbeing, we’re favouring purity, warmth and familiarity.

Vescom proves that the strongest interior materials can have a softer side. By pushing the visual and tactile aspects of vinyl wallcovering, the in-house design team has created homely solutions with a handcrafted look and feel that belie their hardwearing nature. Vescom brings vinyl to life on the wall, turning it into a tactile, three-dimensional, expressive material. Rich and sumptuous, it adds comfort and texture to today’s contract interiors.

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Vescom has a wide range of successful textile-inspired vinyl wallcovering, products with the look and feel of natural fabric that are strong enough for high-traffic spaces. From the woven structures of Albert, Kilby, Rainy and Sagara to Tessera’s silk-like surface to Lismore’s sophisticated linen look: these products make it possible to adhere to strict international contract standards and prioritize aesthetics.


1103.01 - 1103.32


1110.01 - 1110.09


1096.01 - 1096.21


1113.01 - 1113.33


1097.01 - 1097.30


1076.01 - 1076.25


1070.01 - 1070.19


1058.01 - 1058.33


1112.01 - 1112.23


1106.01 - 1106.44


1109.01 - 1109.25


1072.01 - 1072.23


1071.01 - 1071.34

Filled with various designs – including a range of structures, from subtle and fine to bold and pronounced as well as vertical and horizontal, and extremely matte versus sheen finishes – our diverse offering is suitable for a multitude of applications and atmospheres.

Our textile-inspired wallcoverings come in a large variety of colours – from fresh tones to natural hues to elegant shades – and each product range boasts its own colour card.

the key benefits of vinyl wallcovering for contract interiors 

Developed from a human perspective while meeting strict international contract market standards, our vinyl wallcovering combines all the benefits of an extremely durable and long-lasting material with contemporary, attractive aesthetics. We even offer customizable colour and print options to provide the perfect fit for your project, like a handmade glove. With superior cleanability, our vinyl wallcovering is also the ideal solution for our safety- and hygiene-vigilant times.

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