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Granby vinyl wallcovering updates the classic herringbone pattern for contemporary commercial conditions. Drawing from their expertise in woven textiles, Vescom’s in-house design team have crafted Granby’s subtle structured stripe with respect for the original material, working with embossment to translate the look and feel of fabric into an incredibly hardwearing, cleanable vinyl wallcovering.

The super-matte nature of Granby demanded specialized colour research. Granby’s 9 colours are inspired by natural hues and materials: raw linen, sand and shells, plant pigments, slate and stone grey, ceramics and alabaster, earth and clay. Because Granby’s 9 colours are also found in the larger colour card of Rebun, the two different designs can naturally unite in one interior scheme.

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"With its handcrafted linen look and organic-inspired colours, Granby feels perfectly at home in both contemporary interiors and heritage spaces." 

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