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Introducing Monte, Moore and Ponza


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Like a second skin, upholstery is the mediator between our bodies and our furniture, strongly influencing the way we sit, rest and relax. As makers of materials, we understand and can tap into the benefits of each material – whether natural or man-made – to engineer beautiful, luxurious contract upholstery fabrics.

Monte, Moore and Ponza truly come to life on three-dimensional forms, adding shape and softness to furniture. Exploring scale and volume, they invite physical touch with their fullness and weight in the hand. Celebrating comfort and tactility, these crafted upholstery fabrics can turn contract interiors into stages for the senses.

With their handmade, one-of-a-kind look and feel, the fabrics express the time and care that go into making them – another sign of their high quality.

"Materials that turn interiors into high-touch havens." 


a naturally sumptuous – and sustainable – upholstery fabric to sink into

Woven in Vescom’s own eco-conscious weaving mill in the Netherlands, Monte is a Cradle to Cradle® Bronze-certified mohair velvet upholstery fabric. Made from a 100% mohair pile connected to a cotton backing, the high-end natural upholstery fabric reaches its sustainability status thanks to minimal intervention during its manufacture: we weave it, colour it, wash it, and then it’s done. Nothing else is added, highlighting our respect for mohair as a beautiful natural resource.

Like a cosy blanket or thick rug, Monte is incredibly soft and contributes to physical and acoustic comfort. It goes big on volume with its high pile, creating sumptuous upholstered surfaces to sink into.

The traditional yet timeless nature of mohair velvet upholstery is reinforced by Monte’s palette of 16 matte colours. Like the pigments used to create them, the soft colours have a powdery quality. Nature’s inspiration prevails, with moss green and nude pink alongside a spectrum of neutrals that nod to the pelts of the Angora goats from which the upholstery fabric is produced.

"We respect mohair as a beautiful natural resource." 


a 100% recycled upholstery fabric with a tactile, graphic grid

Moore is a luxurious polyester FR upholstery fabric containing 100% recycled material: post-consumer PET bottles. Its large-scale weave produces a graphic grid that gives off a retro vibe. Moore’s multi-layered structure and the inclusion of textured bouclé yarn make it ultra-tactile and three-dimensional. Moore lends itself incredibly well to furniture, large cushions and expressive objects.

Produced in our eco-conscious weaving mill in Germany, Moore is PFAS-free and uses GRS-certified recycled yarn. Not only is Moore recycled, but it inspires reuse, speaking to today’s need for sustainable furniture solutions. With its ’60s look, it’s the perfect material for revamping classic furniture pieces, giving them a new lease on life.

Almost like those in a pointillist painting, Moore’s 16 colours are created by different individual tones and shades: a base colour, bouclé colour and accent colour. The combinations range from subdued to standout – layered-up greys create neutral colourways, while the addition of burnt orange, aquamarine, candy pink or coral gives others a bolder edge.

Despite its bold look and feel, Moore can be easily mixed and matched with other Vescom colours. That’s because the design interweaves yarns used in other Vescom upholstery fabrics, such as the nature-inspired palette of Auckland and Foster. Moore can also be harmoniously combined with other upholstery fabrics from the Vescom collection that contain recycled content, such as Wilson, Avon and Norfolk.

"A graphic grid with a retro vibe." 


a bestseller is recoloured and re-engineered for ultimate versatility

With the recolour of Ponza, one of Vescom’s most successful upholstery fabrics gets a contemporary, nature-inspired palette. Its vast and diverse range of 33 colours offers an option for every want and need, including the classic velvet shades of burgundy red, deep green, golden yellow and midnight blue.

Ponza’s plush softness, high level of comfort and widely appealing palette make it the ideal mid-segment upholstery fabric for hospitality projects like hotels and cinemas, retail interiors, and anywhere high performance is needed. Although Ponza is a plain fabric, its enticing tactility, subtle sheen and the movement it gains from being a classic velvet – which alters its appearance when touched – bring a lively three-dimensionality to the material.

Vescom’s in-house colourists looked to the beauty of nature when developing Ponza’s new palette. The deep crimson and powdery pink could have been painted with the petals of a dahlia or rose, while the russet and gamboge recall the warm tints of autumn leaves. The deep blues are reminiscent of a dusk skyscape, while the soft greens would feel at home on the forest floor.

The super-soft low-pile polyester FR velvet upholstery has been re-engineered with a higher Martindale value of 130,000 rubs.

Ponza can now be used as a curtain fabric. To ensure its suitability for this new function, Ponza has passed all the testing and certification processes for contract curtain fabrics.

Sustainable Materialogy 

It’s possible to create synergic sustainable interiors by combining Vescom’s sustainable materials, such as upholstery fabrics, wallcovering and floor-to-ceiling curtains containing recycled content. Even though each product has its own identity, these sustainable solutions are a blend of material-driven DNA, high performance and sustainability. Materials with a common ground for a common good – that’s Vescom’s Sustainable Materialogy.

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Luxurious upholstery fabrics Monte, Moore and Ponza add character, comfort and softness to furniture in contract interiors. The products highlight different takes on sustainability, incorporating recycled or certified Cradle to Cradle® materials. See and feel their handmade, one-of-a-kind quality by requesting a free sample pack, which includes a selection of the three different upholstery fabrics.

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