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Celebrating crafted materials, Vescom’s Textile Wallcovering highlights the wide scope of what luxury means today. The 10 designs explore how different approaches to woven wallcovering create different luxurious looks and feels.

Made in our own on-site manufacturing facilities, the collection draws from our in-house team’s extensive knowledge about fabric construction and our wealth of experience as material producers. Responding to the unique inherent properties of each material – recycled wool, (recycled) polyester, linen, silk, wood pulp, polyethylene – our team has produced a variety of textures, scales and finishes, from soft to structured, from minimalistic to bold, and from matte to shimmery.

While the materials may differ, the collection shares a celebration of the serendipity found in organic and handcrafted materials: the visible weave of linen or the slub in silk. Combining natural inspirations and a neutral palette, each textile wallcovering expresses its own take on luxury, whether embracing the classic opulence of silk or connecting to luxury’s contemporary connotations of ease and comfort. The entire offering is perfect for elevating today’s high-end interiors, infusing them with rich materiality, tactility, character and comfort.

the 10 designs 

"Textile wallcoverings with their own take on luxury." 


a bold twist on a linen-like look

Named for its creator Joseph Marie Jacquard, the Jacquard loom was invented in the early 19th century and was one of the most important developments in the history of woven textiles. The invention ushered in a new era of textiles whose patterns were woven directly into the material, streamlining a formerly painstaking process.

Ladon references the rich history of Jacquard weaves. Its different coloured warp and weft threads create contrast – stronger or subtler, depending on the colour combination – making the weave stand out on the wall. This visible woven structure, together with the textile wallcovering’s irregular look and feel, communicates craftsmanship. Made of 100% polyester with a linen-like look, Ladon comes in nine melange colours. Giving a bolder twist to the linen link, the range of natural tones includes echoes of honey and hay.

"Referencing the rich history of Jacquard weaves." 


graphic rhythm of architectural grids

From building blocks stacked into façades to the fine lines of graph paper, grids express order and logic. There’s an air of zen minimalism – everything has its place, prompting a sense of serenity and calm.

Rila recalls the graphic rhythm of architectural grids. Including 59% recycled content, the sustainable 100% polyester wallcovering is a modern and minimalistic take on the longstanding tradition of visible weaves, like the crisscross of woven baskets. The textile wallcovering’s recycled content brings intentional irregularity to the weft, breaking up the horizontal grid to soften the overall appearance. Conveying professional luxury, Rila comes in nine tones inspired by architectural materials, such as concrete, granite and brick.

"Recalling the graphic rhythm of gridded façades." 


a hand like suede or velvet

Some materials call out to be touched. This tactility helps connect us to a physical space, bringing us back down to earth. Some materials go even further by bearing the remnants of touch, even if only temporarily – like the trace of fingers drawn through sand.

With a hand like suede or velvet, Morris brings a layer of plush comfort to interiors. Similar to the effect of velvet, Morris subtly alters its appearance when touched. This creates an organic movement on the walls, a lively nuance of light and dark. Its subdued swept look resembles brushed concrete yet has the benefit of physically softening spaces.


The polyester wallcovering has a super-fine weave and comes in 14 powdery colours that recall skin and sand, stones and shells, clay and ceramics. The connection to ceramics doesn’t stop there: Morris evokes the irregularity of handcrafted unglazed earthenware, no two pieces of which are the same.

"Creating organic movement on the walls." 


making a glamorous statement

Sometimes luxury is all about the embellishment – like edible gold leaf garnishing a gourmet meal. In an interior, that embellishment might be the addition of an opulent material that makes a glamorous statement, something to be paraded in public rather than kept behind closed doors.

With its bold expression, Mare makes a fitting feature for high-end hotels, restaurants and bars, places often associated with extravagance and indulgence. Made of 70% wood pulp and 30% polyester, it is the only non-woven material in the Textile Wallcovering collection. Thanks to its visible pressed fibres and flowing organic pattern – which might bring to mind the organic grains of gilded wood – the wallcovering shares the spirit of a textile. The combination of a subtle sheen and a 13-colour range that includes gold, copper, bronze and silver gives Mare the patina of precious metals, making it perfect for upscale interiors.

"Perfect for places of extravagance." 


an exclusive look and feel

It may have a long and storied history, but silk’s traditional luxurious connotations easily adapt to today. Silk bears an inherent lustre, making it a material of choice for dress suits and high-fashion garments.

Ganzu interprets silk’s history and links to luxury and fashion in a classic yet contemporary wallcovering. Refined and elegant with a subtle slub, the 100% natural silk wallcovering has a premium, exclusive look and feel. Offering an alluring air of mystery, its surface interacts with light, creating a radiant sheen – and a spatial statement – in interiors. Ganzu’s 16 bold colours include metallic tones like gold and copper, as well as rich burgundy and steely grey sapphire.

"Creating a radiant sheen in interiors." 


honouring nature’s unexpected beauty

With a history that dates to the 7th century, silk has long been heralded as one of the world’s ultimate luxurious fabrics. It organically aligns in interiors with other high-end natural materials like marble and stone, creating a feeling of overall opulence.

Sinkiang embodies this high-end appeal. The 100% natural silk wallcovering has a matte appearance yet produces a soft luminance in interior spaces. With its raw look, intentional irregularities and statement horizontal slub, it honours the unexpected beauty found in natural, artisanal materials. Sinkiang’s nine two-tonal colours nod to nature – it’s as if the neutrals, soft purples and gold hues were extracted from natural stones.

"Embodying high-end opulence." 


laying bare linen’s pure essence

We can honour the world’s natural resources by respecting the intrinsic beauty of organic materials. Minimizing the manipulation of these materials helps convey their earthly origins, connecting us to the natural world – even indoors.

Linosa – a 100% linen wallcovering made from the fibres of the flax plant – expresses its plant-based roots through its handwoven look and feel. The bio-based artisanal textile wallcovering comes in both coarse and fine weaves of different scales, offering options for a more conspicuous or subtle presence in interiors. Just as nothing is added to Linosa for decoration, no colours are applied either – natural or bleached, Linosa’s nine neutral tones lay bare linen’s pure essence.

"Helping us connect to the natural world." 


the pure and simplistic side of luxury

Winter blankets, cosy cardigans, soft rugs underfoot: wool is one of the first materials we turn to for warmth and comfort. It offers feelings of cocooning, protection and the reassurance of home, wherever we are in the world. As an organic fibre, wool connects us to nature from the comfort of the indoors, softening the spaces we inhabit. Exuding quality, it’s also a mark of a fine business suit.

A natural and sustainable wallcovering made of wool, Dale incorporates 70% recycled content from post-consumer clothing. Focusing on the pure and simplistic side of comfort, wellbeing and luxury, the soft textile wallcovering comes in seven earth-inspired colourways, from sandy taupe to deep slate. Each colour is a melange, giving extra depth to the neutral palette while revealing traces of its recycled content. Wool’s connection to comfort and quality makes Dale ideal for hotel areas. It’s also a natural choice for panelling in offices and conference rooms, where it conveys the softer side of corporate spaces.

"Cocooning, protection and the reassurance of home." 


subtly reflecting the surroundings

Luxury can be synonymous with innovation. Stretching the possibilities of high-performance polyethylene tape yarn, Fraser features the yarn in both its warp and weft. The distinctive textile wallcovering has a strong grid and a mesh-like quality, giving it clear architectural associations. Fraser combines luxurious looks with incredible durability, resulting in a super strong, high-performance textile wallcovering.

Due to the yarn’s inherent opaqueness and shimmer, each of its nine colourways – whether gold, silver, bronze or white – respond to the light in a space, subtly reflecting the surroundings. This makes Fraser somewhat of a chameleon, a feature textile wallcovering that can adapt to any interior.

"A chameleon for any interior." 


vertical stripe with a rich, multicoloured expression

Precious and semiprecious stones are treasured for their natural colours and lustre, coming brightly to life with light. Think of the vivid green of emerald or jade, the bright blue of lapis lazuli, the ochre tint of topaz or the brilliant purple of amethyst.

Like multifaceted gemstones, Jewel is animated by light. Its rich, multicoloured expression is further enlivened by its vertical stripe and irregularity. An industry innovation, Jewel is unique for its combination of two yarns: super-strong polyethylene tape yarn, which gives the textile wallcovering a shimmering effect and thus its name, and thin recycled polyester yarn, which introduces dynamic colour and contributes to a product with 18% recycled content.


Chic and sophisticated with a silky feel, Jewel puts a contemporary spin on luxury. With three different colours used in each of the 13 lively colourways, Jewel has a uniquely crafted textile look and a surprisingly strong, durable structure. Innovative engineering reduces the materials required for its production: because the polyester yarn brings in colour, fewer tape yarn colours are needed.

"Chic and sophisticated with a silky feel, Jewel puts a contemporary spin on luxury." 

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Celebrating crafted materials, Vescom’s new Textile Wallcovering collection highlights the wide scope of what luxury means today. The 10 designs respond to the unique inherent properties of each material: recycled wool, (recycled) polyester, linen, silk, wood pulp, polyethylene. See and feel the various characters and qualities for yourself by requesting a free sample pack, which includes each textile wallcovering in at least one colour.

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